Fall In Love With Yourself First


Before I begin, I must say not every blog written is about a personal experience. My platform discusses an array of topics. Today’s topic came from every woman’s place to vent, “the HAIRSALON”. Let me tell you, I’m sure there are many men who wish they could be a fly on the wall in every hair salon and nail salon from Texas to Canada! Now that I have a son and I am a single mother, I also spend time in the barbershop, occasionally. Let’s be clear, the men cut up way more than the ladies! 
Recently the ladies, well one specific lady, was talking about a “situationship” she had unexpectedly fallen into. For those of you who don’t know what a “situationship” is, it is basically a no strings attached relationship; a situation. Situations can get ugly and are unhealthy mentally, emotionally and in some
cases psychologically long term. Imagine an “it’s complicated” relationship status on Facebook. 
There are some people who prefer “no strings attached” relationships. If this is you and it works for you, I wish you all the happiness. This particular lady wasn’t happy. I sat in silence for a while because my transparency may come across as rude to some, however, most appreciate it.
Key factors she mentioned that were bringing her down emotionally and mentally were:
-feeling like a number in his Rolodex 
-days without calls or even a are you still alive text
-she felt like she wasn’t good enough (oh hell no)
-putting her life on hold to be monogamous but was unsure if he actually was (blank stare)
-her actually telling him how certain behaviors made her unhappy 
-being limited to time spent together
She went on about how much he tells her he cares about her, doesn’t want to
lose her (blah, blah, blah) and how she’s fallen for him. Then she looked at me in the in the eyes and asked me what did I think and how would I personally approach the situation. Of course, my beautician said
“Jas invented the “exit interview”. She threw me to the wolves but I was ready.
Game face on! I simply asked her “how does he make you feel?” ONE QUESTION! She just wept. I replied, “Sis that’s your answer. Yes he may care about you but you’re merely a
convenience. He doesn’t talk about the future, he doesn’t change his behaviors when you mention your feelings, and is emotionally unavailable. He may care about you but he doesn’t value you nor respect you” BOOM! 
I told her an exit interview isn’t needed but more self love is. Women are natural born nurturers. We are molded to put our feelings on the back burner to care for others. The hardest part is admitting you’re accepting less than you deserve and walking away. We complain and cry instead of taking action because then we have to take accountability. Instead of seeking validation, seek self love.



This month I will be sharing stories with my readers about my personal battle with anxiety, PTSD and depression. I’ll be discussing situations, triggers, how sometimes my friends identified them instead of me; and so much more. I will be sharing my stories LIVE via Facebook. LIKE AND FOLLOW my blogs Facebook page “Fall In Love With Yourself First”. Let’s put it all out there. My mission is to educate everyone, ESPECIALLY the African American community about mental health awareness. Please join me and feel free to share your testimonies and ask any questions. I am #UnapologeticallyJasi so be careful what you ask for. Chat soon! #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth Outfit by @fashionnova #NovaBabe


Imagine being stripped naked in front of a large crowd or even in the presence of someone who makes you feel vulnerable. How would that experience make you feel? Would you run off to look for a hiding place or stand there and bare yourself? I'm a ‘what you see is what you get’ type of woman, however, being transparent isn't easy. When you are open and honest there is always someone, somewhere waiting for the opportunity to assassinate your character. People will judge your actions without fully understanding the situation. This doesn’t only apply to intimate relationships. This also applies to life. What brings me happiness is basking in my truth. Being unapologetically, Jasi. When we internalize things and hold them in it affects our mental and emotional well-being.
I must admit, lately, I've had writer's block. I've felt like I'm smothered, and for every step forward, I’m pushed 5 steps back. Many readers have personally messaged me inquiring about why I never mention my sons father in my blog posts. Initially, it was out of respect. Now, its lead me back to suffering in silence. No more. Here we go!
My mom raised me to understand that parenting is a full time job. I don’t  get to choose when to be a mother, my life evolves around being a mother and co-parenting works the same way. Unfortunately for me and some other parents in similar situations, whether mother or father, we are left to pick up the slack. In my case, co-parenting with my sons father does not exist. I have made multiple attempts to bridge the gap but have been unsuccessful. At this point my hands are tied. When it comes to my son, I am a SINGLE mother. I care for my son FULL TIME and I parent him solely. Almost two years ago, this is not where I envisioned my life to be. I thought I was getting the white picket fence, marrying my best friend and forever Husband. Today, when I call, the phone doesn't even ring. Emails are non responsive. The only time I receive feedback from him is when I make social media posts of me living my life, in an attempt to criticize me and pull me down (how ironic considering we are not social media friends). Everything I have, I have worked for. Everything that is yet to come and everything I'm coming for, I DESERVE. Simply put, I am disgusted with the actions or less there of from his father and his family. I thought long and hard before making this statement, but my platform is to be transparent. I feel my son deserves better than this. My family doesn't do things for accolades, nor we do we ‘put on’ for social media. We are all unapologetic and we do not put our children in the middle of spousal wars. The difference between my ex and I, for me, is that losing him as a spouse did not make him an enemy. I still wanted to see him win so that our son could thrive. In my case, it doesn't take two to tango considering he obviously chose an alternate route. I chose the higher route. Walking away took self-respect, self-love and courage in order to position myself and my children for the life we deserve.
Mentally and emotionally, I am drained. I have three children to care for. My parents, baby sister, and my sister circle have watched as this has all taken a toll on me in recent weeks. These barriers have reminded me why I started my blog. No more suffering in silence. My baby sister is always there to remind me, my son is in the crossfire and his livelihood is priority. I've always been observant; my ex chose the cruel route (from the end of our marriage to the present); constantly criticizing my choices, stop supporting our son by ceasing childcare payments (which was the only support I was receiving), and blocking my number to prevent himself from even communicating with my son via FaceTime. He is already many states away. My sons face would light up every time he saw his father, and that has been taken away. Be mindful, my daughters have never witnessed this, as their father and I successfully co-parent.
Unhappiness comes from the divide between what we expect and what we have. I no longer have any expectations from my ex. My focus now, is primarily on my children. I felt myself sinking until I had a very in depth conversation with a male friend, just a few days ago. What he said put things into perspective for me and my writers block disappeared. He stated,  "Jasmin, you are strong but most importantly you are brave. Everybody can’t bare themselves the way you do. I hope in time, I can become as transparent as you are." Tears started flowing. To my dear friend, thank you.


Self-Love is your LIFELINE

Hey y’all, it’s Jasi. My apologies for
not blogging recently but I have been EXTREMELY BUSY since leaving corporate America. Favor! Now let’s get down to business. My blog primarily is about mental, emotional and psychological health.
There are times when I have so many things going on, and I have to sort my thoughts, have a woosah moment and let my keyboard take me away. I must admit I have been distracted, but the distraction has been a blessing in disguise. I had to sit down with my journal to organize an array of things and also catch up on messages from my readers. Amongst it all, I noticed a trend; self-love. 
Self-love starts with self. We often find ourselves in unhappy situations because we make concessions for others, hence, prioritizing their happiness over our owns. It’s not selfish to put yourself first. 
You may be that friend that people often lean on in times of need; to confide in, to help them maintain a balance. Sometimes it’s a necessity to step away for some spiritual maintenance. Don’t feel guilty. Friends who genuinely cherish you will be completely understanding. 
When it comes to romance, self-love is an entirely different entity. My block list has only gotten longer. Some men feel entitled, and they do not respect women the way we should be regarded. Stick to your boundaries and standards, be okay with having them. I say this because there are people in casual relationships, long distance relationships, newly established relationships, troubled relationships marriages, and SITUATIONSHIPS. I could go on, but I’ll leave it there...for now. 
To be quite honest, I did not reach my plateau of happiness until I removed romantic relationships and fell in love with the woman I had become after experiencing trauma. I use the term trauma because divorce in any circumstance isn’t easy. I had to get to my lowest point to decide to be unhappy or happy. And I had to rely on myself to get there. Happiness is a choice. I am truly blessed to have the support of my family; however, your happiness should not be placed in the hands of others. That would be the complete opposite of self-love. Healing is difficult for some people because their lives are centered around the trauma that they have experienced. Taking control of your life is imperative. Love you all.


The Legendary Black Woman

Anxiety never sleeps. I still struggle with insomnia at times. I took a recent psychology class to educate me more about my struggles so that I may be beneficial to myself and others. In October, I was diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and PTSD. The statistics that I was unaware of prior to educating myself, especially the one that likely affects me, were mind blowing. Studies have shown that being an African American woman puts me at a 20% greater risk for depression and anxiety. I suffered in silence, “being strong”, long enough. If the burden gets too much to carry, ask for a hand. I started this blog in November to bring awareness to mental and emotional health. This topic is near and dear to my heart.

Failure is an “illusion” and the idea you can’t have a fresh start will keep you broken and in a place of sadness. To fully understand how depression and anxiety affects women of color, we must first take a step back and see how we are “perceived”. Research and history tell us that three basic images exist-the Strong Black Womanthe Angry Black Woman, and the Jezebel/Video Vixen. These images affect how other people see Black women and how they see themselves. They also play a role in the development and maintenance of anxiety. (https://adaa.org/learn-from-us/from-the-experts/blog-posts/consumer/be-female-anxious-and-black)

These perceptions can kiss my ass, excuse my language. The Black Woman is LEGENDARY. We are irreplaceable jewels of society. Not only in the present day. Maya Angelou, Wilma Rudolph, Ruby Dee, Harriet Tubman, Madam C. J. Walker, Shirley Chisholm and many more down to my recent day favs from Michelle Obama to Oprah and EVERY BLACK GRANDMOTHER. Shout out to MY grands Charline, who gratefully and gracefully still shares her wisdom with me on a regular basis and Ella Mae, may her soul rest in peace.

In schools, in the workplace, in professional settings and just walking down the street we often find ourselves struggling with anxiety. We are not crazy, shame on those who judge us for being brave to speak up and offer to help others in need. I will continue to educate myself and others about the lack of information and misunderstanding about mental health in the African American community. I have learned after recent trauma the importance of seeking help if needed. I also value my small support circle of girlfriends who I will soon reveal in a future blog. Sometimes outside of seeking help, a HEALTHY INTERVENTION may be needed. Some may prefer emotional support versus medical support. To my circle, you know who you are, thank you for listening to me, wiping my tears, constantly encouraging me and pushing me towards healing. I am forever grateful. To my men of color, love support and embrace the black woman.


He loves me, he loves me not?

Okay he SAYS he loves you. He’s so madly in love with you, can’t live without you, you’re his rib lingo, right? Oh or my all time favorite, we can date “EXCLUSIVELY” but I’m not ready for a relationship. RUN!!! I can’t make this up, men really try us. Sis, are his actions in alignment with his words?....likely not. What does your intuition say? Our hearts are at a constant battle with the mind. If you read my January Queen of the Months feature, she considered being single a form of freedom. I agree. Setting standards and not settling allows you to easily weed out the liars and manipulators. Someone recently asked me if I believe in the 80/20 theory. What I will say is no man is perfect but the man who is ready to love you will make it undoubtedly known. Vulnerability causes us to be hesitant because in order to find true love you must expose your true self. Now I have a no need to waste our time mind state. I’m a single mom of three, I have a full time career and operate an independent business. In layman’s terms, don’t waste my time. I’ve literally had this conversation twice this week. I do not entertain men who have different expectations than what I have. I NO LONGER tolerate one foot in and one foot out situationships. Sis, it’s unhealthy. In my time of singleness I’ve found a fondness in other things. I have new hobbies, I’ve found interests in things I typically wouldn’t have and have built new HEALTHY PLATONIC friendships. Many women fear being alone and settle. I sleep peacefully not settling. I seek happiness. When a man truly experiences unconditional love, there are no excuses. Being in love is easy. If you have any doubts, knock his ass off the pedestal you’ve created. Remember, YOU ARE THE PRIZE. Hold on to your freedom until God sends you a man who loves you so deep, the ocean would be jealous. Love you all!



First, New Year blessings! I diverted from what my first 2019 blog was supposed to be about; mourning. I prayed about it and something’s and people aren’t worth your energy when you’re elevating yourself. I am an unapologetic, imperfect Christian. I’m just a girl still finding herself. My story is being written by God as I write this post. I have many current opportunities that are allowing me to step out on faith this year. I will not worry. I will not doubt. I will nourish and create healthy relationships. Mental and emotional heath are still dear to my heart but I only be blogging once to twice per month. I will let my actions speak but 2019 has already been good to me. 

A few things to carry into the New Year to be mindful of:
-Love is easy
-Follow your intuition 
-It’s okay to be alone
-Remove all emotional depressing triggers regardless of affiliation 
-Watch the actions of others and make decisions accordingly 
-Being emotionally available to someone other than your partner is cheating
-Know who your riders really are. Anyone torn gotta go.

Oh...And Sis when the conversation gets shorter with you, it’s getting longer with someone else. 
I am creating a masterpiece.
Chat soon! Blessings!

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